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To follow are some of the frequently asked questions we get. If you do not see your question, please feel free to submit a contact form here.

Q) How often should a client receive a WINNER retouch relaxer?

A) Every 4-6 weeks depending on the rate of new growth of the hair.

Q) Why is it important to use WINNER Neutralizer Shampoo after a WINNER Relaxer service?

A) To stop the action of the WINNER Relaxer and return the hair back to its proper ph.

Q) What's the purpose of a WINNER Steam-In Moisturizing Deep Penetrating Treatment?

A) It helps to prevent breakage due to dryness and help the hair and scalp retain moisture. It also helps to improve the sheen and combability of hair.

Q) What's the purpose of a WINNER Moisture Sheen Conditioner?

A) The WINNER Moisture Sheen Conditioner is formulated to instantly impart sheen, silkiness and softness, leaving the hair more manageable.
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